BBC Question Time audience member MOCKS Labour's #Brexit plan – ‘can all do ...

A Question Time audience member dared the Leeds East MP to explain his party's plans for Brexit "with some clarity", suggesting his attempts would help the audience warm-up due to laughing. The disgruntled Lincoln local demanded a clear explanation on Labour's position, challenging the politician to also justify the alleged duplicity of Jeremy Corbyn as he argued the opposition leader adopted different views on Brexit depending on where he is. The audience member said: "I’d like a bit of clarity on Labour’s Brexit position for one reason. For one, I think it’s cold tonight and I think we could all do with a bit of a chuckle.

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And two, because I’ve noticed with Jeremy Corbyn talks to people south of Watford, he kinda pretends to be a Remainer. North of Watford, including Lincoln, you hear he is sympathetic with the Leave quarter.

"It’s absolutely ridiculous and I want to understand Labour’s position with some clarity. That’d be the first time."

The Labour Party have maintained they would respect the results of the 2016 referendum and proceed to have Britain leave the customs union but negotiate with the European Union to strike a similar arrangement to maintain close trade ties with the bloc. 

Mr Burgon claimed the party leader aimed at mending the division Brexit had created while looking after "workers' rights, consumer protection and environmental protection."

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Brexit news - BBC QT member Richard BurgonBrexit news: QT audience member asked the Labour MP to explain "with clarity" his

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