#Shameless: Season 9 will NOT air on @Showtime this weekend – and THIS is why

Shameless season nine, episode 10 will be the next episode of the Showtime series. Each episode of the William H. Macy-led series airs on a weekly basis, besides the midseason break between episode seven and eight. However, episode 10 of the ninth season of Shameless has bucked the trend by failing to air on Showtime on Sunday, February 3. Here is why Shameless is not on this week and when it’ll return.

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Why is Shameless not on Showtime this week?

Shameless season nine, episode 10 will not air in the series’ weekly slot of Sunday, February 3 on Showtime in the USA.

Showtime is instead airing the first two episodes of sitcom SMILF season two at 9pm ET.

Shortly after SMILF airs, The pilot episode of Showtime sitcom Black Monday is scheduled for 10pm ET.

Both episodes eight and nine of Shameless season nine will also air on Sunday, February 3 from 11pm.

The exact reason for the scheduling re-jig from Showtime is unknown, but it is more than likely down to the fact Super Bowl LIII is taking place at the same time.


Shameless season 9, episode 10: FrankShameless season 9, episode 10: Frank (Image: Showtime)

The Super Bowl 2019 kick-off time is 6:30pm ET and coverage would likely spill over past Shameless’ start time of 9pm ET.

The NFL match is widely regarded as one of the highly-anticipated and most-watched sporting events in the world, so to go head-to-head with the Super Bowl may affect Shameless’ viewing figures.

Shameless season nine, episode 10 has instead been a release of Sunday, February 10.


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