Sharon Mitchell in DANGER as Keanu Taylor affair takes a dark twist on ...

Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) has made it clear to Keanu (Danny Walters) she no longer wanted to carry on their affair in EastEnders, telling him she didn’t love him when the young man poured his heart out to her.

The decision came after Sharon returned to the BBC soap at the beginning of this week only to discover Keanu had been enjoying a romance with her step-daughter Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper), although she did issue concerns over Keanu’s connection to the Mitchell family.

However, Keanu felt he had to move on after Sharon told him he should find someone else in a voicemail he heard over the Christmas period.

Although the blonde has explicitly tried to call things a day, Keanu was more adamant than ever during last night’s instalment, but is this hinting towards the mechanic becoming obsessed with the blonde?

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You wait until my dad finds out

Louise Mitchell

Keanu tried to win Sharon back by tracking her down in the café, telling her he wanted to be with her, but the blonde knocked him back saying there was no longer anything between them.

Reluctant to give up, Keanu then arranged a romantic picnic for the pair, leaving an orchid on Sharon’s doorstep to entice her to the date.

However, Sharon looked woeful as she picked up the exotic flower, seemingly upset Keanu still wasn’t getting the message.

Stood at the front door, Louise then noticed Sharon with the flower, believing she was the rightful recipient as she had been dating Keanu.

Louise couldn’t have been further from the truth however, and when she turned up instead of Sharon, Keanu was less than impressed.

Deciding he could no longer keep toying Louise along, Keanu called things a day before the heartbroken teenager issued a

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