World War 3 WARNING: INF treaty withdrawal poses 'new military THREAT' ...

Donald Trump and expertThomas Countryman warns of possible dangers of the US leaving the INF nuclear treaty (Image: GETTY and BBC)

Chairman of the Arms Control Association Thomas Countryman explained on BBC Newsnight the “short term, "medium term" and "long term” dangers of the White House move. He said: “In the short term we have to ask whether this important treaty which matters both to American and Europe’s national security can be preserved. “If it can’t then in the medium term we have to think about what military and diplomatic steps NATO can take to reduce this new Russian threat to NATO’s territory.

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“And in the long term we need to be concerned about the entire future of arms control and in particular, the risk this could pose to the New Start treaty which limits the most dangerous, long-range nuclear weapons.”

Mr Countryman also discussed whether there was a likely target in Europe and warned of what Russia’s aims could be.

He said: “The Russian military has been dissatisfied with the INF treaty since it was signed in 1987.

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Vladimir PutinMr Countryman warned that Russia is a new military threat that NATO will have to contend with (Image: GETTY)

“The new

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