Artificial intelligence is catching up fast - and robots could end up ...

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RobotsRobots will outstrip humans in ability within 50 years, said Mr Ambroggi (Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library)

Luca De Ambroggi, the research and analysis lead for AI solutions within the Transformative Technology team at London-based global information provider IHS Markit, told “In 50 years, it is reasonable to think that robots will be able to “support” and replace human being in several activities. Already electro-mechanical devices outperform humans in sensitiveness and reaction time.” Considering the vast technological progression witnessed in the last decade, Mr Ambroggi said 50 years was “sufficient” to close several gaps with human being. 

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Luca AmbroggiLuca Ambroggi says artificial intelligence is here "for the long haul" (Image: GETTY)

He added: “Even if our brain will still have advantages and human beings will remain more dynamic and versatile, electronics will be able to outperform humans in several specific functions, as it does today, from machine vision, to audio/speech recognition. 

“Humans have to prevent machines being in a position to replace us, and no one else.

“A few years ago Honhai implemented intelligence machine personnel in their production lines in the same way as computers or other equipment replaced humans 30-40 years back. 

“The longer term question is, can the ‘replaced people’ be re-qualified and be allowed to still add value in our society?”

RobotsThe Terminator series paints a dystopian future of a world dominated by robots (Image: GETTY)

It was vital, he stressed, that mankind set thorough rules and defined boundaries.

He said: “Artificial Intelligence is here, and it’s here for the long haul.

“We are into the so called Narrow or Weak era of AI. It is ‘weaker’ than human or is equal or superior just on few limited tasks and senses.

“However it is disrupting society and as it evolves, it will have major impacts on data security, labour and ethics.

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