When does the groundhog emerge on Groundhog Day? #GroundhogDay

Groundhog Day is celebrated in the US and Canada on February 2 every year, and the 2019 event will mark the 133rd Groundhog Day. The 131-year-old quaint custom decrees if groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sees its shadow against the sunny weather as it leaves it burrow, it will retreat back to its den. And this is said to signify winter will last another six weeks.

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Conversely, if cloudy skies loom over the groundhog when it emerges above ground, spring season will arrive early.

Thousands of Groundhog Day fans flock to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, each year for the old-fashioned tradition.

And many more tune in from around the world to watch Groundhog Day on TV.

The custom gained international attention when it was immortalised on the silver screen in the 1993 movie of the same name starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell.

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Groundhog Day 2019Groundhog Day 2019: The quaint custom supposedly predicts the weather (Image: Getty)

Groundhog Day 2019Groundhog Day 2019: Will Punxsutawney Phil sees its shadow against the sunny weather this year? (Image: Getty)

What time is Groundhog Day 2019?

For those unable to watch the event in Pennsylvania, a live stream is available, meaning there is no need to miss out on all the groundhog fun.

The event in Punxsutawney, approximately 80 miles

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