#MeghanMarkle's look of shock as straight-talking Bristol teen says THIS to ...

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met young aspiring actors and actresses while touring with Bristol’s historic theatre, the Old Vic, on Friday. The youngsters were keen to speak about their experiences and the thrill of being on stage to the former star. But one may have got carried away with his enthusiasm, leaving pregnant Meghan wide-eyed. 

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While commenting on a short video playing in front of him, the teen blurted out “you can’t just be f***ing around on stage”.

The unexpected swearword temporarily took the royal couple aback.

Meghan widened her eyes and tried to keep a straight face before bursting into laughter.

She then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked over to her husband, the Duke of Sussex.

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Meghan markle news pictures prince harry bristol swearing pregnantMeghan and Harry were taken aback by the teen's swearword (Image: GETTY)

But laid-back Prince Harry seemed far from shocked, and after a few seconds of silence he bent over and put his hands on his knees while smiling.

The royal couple quickly found their composure and went on listening to the boy who, wearing a white shirt and headphones around his neck, continued explaining the video.

The teen was one of the youngsters who walked the duke and the duchess through the Future Quest workshop, which uses theatre as a tool to develop speaking and listening skills, increase self-confidence and boost collaboration and creativity.

Five pupils from local St

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