The one vegetable you should AVOID or risk trapped wind pain and stomach ...

Stomach bloating is a very common condition that tends to affect most people at some point in their lifetime. It can make the stomach feel stretched and puffy, and is generally uncomfortable, it said. Certain foods in your diet could be causing your stomach bloating, as well as eating too fast, or too much. You could be at risk of painful trapped wind if you regularly eat broccoli, it’s been claimed.

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Methane-producing bacteria in the colon feed on raffinose and release gas in the process

Dr Andrew Weil

Broccoli could be raising your chances of feeling bloated as they contain indigestible sugars, said physician Dr Andrew Weil.

Along with other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli contains raffinose, a sugar that some people struggle to break down.

Instead being digested, the sugar provides a breeding ground for gut bacteria, which subsequently produce gas.

“Despite their healthy profile, some high-fibre cruciferous vegetables have bad reputations as gas producers due to their content of an indigestible sugar called raffinose,” said Weil.

“Methane-producing bacteria in the colon feed on raffinose and release gas in the process.

“The extent to which your body produces gas depends on the types of

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