Eurosceptics across EU watching Brexit outcomes to calculate own exit strategy

Parties such as the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Germany (AfD) and Finland’s Blue Reform party are first concentrating on winning big in the European elections to infiltrate Brussels with eurosceptics in a bid to change the EU from the inside. The Sweden Democrats this week dropped their plans to hold a referendum on Sweden’s membership of the EU until after Brexit. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson said: “To fight against the supranationality of today one needs to be pragmatic.

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“While we watch and wait for the outcome of Brexit, the first step is to operate from inside the EU’s high citadel in Brussels.”

Sweden Democrat MEP Peter Lundgren added: "For the first time, there's a real possibility of reforming the EU from the inside.

"That is what we are going to work for over the coming mandate period and also campaign on in the next election."

In January, the nationalist AfD party put plans for a Brexit-style referendum on hold ahead of May’s elections.

European ParliamentEurosceptics have set their sights on the European

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