Iran RAGES at for trying to topple Venezuela’s Maduro - ‘the US wants ...

Iran news: Rouhani and TrumpIran news: Rouhani accused the US of seeking 'world hegemony' (Image: AFP/GETTY IMAGES/IRANIAN PRESIDENCY)

Iran President Hassan Rouhani said Washington was seeking “world hegemony” by suppressing independent countries, Tehran’s state news agency reported. This latest attack comes as the US ratchets up the pressure on Venezuelan leader Maduro as part of an effort to replace him with opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido. Following a meeting with Venezuela’s new envoy in Tehran, Rouhani said: "The Americans are basically against all popular revolutions and independent countries and seek world hegemony by suppressing them.”

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Relations between Iran and the US have soured since President announced he was pulling Washington out of a 2015 nuclear accord and reimposing sanctions.

And the situation in Venezuela has strained relations even further as the rival nations throw their weight behind opposing sides in the rapidly escalating crisis.

Alongside Russia and China, Iran supports Maduro while the US and most of South America has demanded he step down.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic today risked further provoking Washington by showing off a new cruise missile.

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Iran's RouhaniIran is backing Maduro in

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