Rachel Riley: #CatsCountdown star shocks Jimmy Carr with rude fact

Rachel Riley was welcomed back on to the 8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown panel last night - but first host Jimmy Carr began discussing vagina facts.

While dictionary corner’s Susie Dent began by revealing who named the G-spot.

Rachel quickly chimed in by raising her hand and announcing: “I’ve got another good vagina fact!”

After a spell of laughter from the panel, Rachel went on: “Apparently the G-spot isn’t actually a real thing - but the clitoris is 10cm long.”

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While Jimmy was a little stunned, Jon Richardson jumped in to joke: “Apparently it used to be called the clit-o-Chris, after a guy called Chris who found it!”

Jimmy added to the rolling joke by saying: “I was actually in lower six with him - good bloke!”

As the laughter died down Jimmy decided to continue his introduction of the team.

Looking over at Rachel he said: “Okay and in charge of the numbers we have Rachel Riley.”

But not not missing a chance to joke about her fact, he added: “Rachel’s clitoris is 10cm long.”

This caused an uproar of laughter, leaving Rachel in hysterics.

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