WATCH: Plane passenger horrified when she spots someone doing this disgusting ...

Flights are rarely very comfortable experiences and passengers tend to try their best to get themselves as cosy as possible. Night flights are particularly tricky and fliers often end up contorting themselves into unusual positions in a bid to get comfortable. However, attempts to get snug should not come at a cost to other people on board, is the general plane etiquette. Yet some travellers continue to show a brazen disregard for the feelings of fellow passengers.

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Flights: Plane passenger horrified when she spots this in disgusting viral video

A shocking viral video has captured one passenger who did something disgusting during a flight.

The clip was shared by Instagram account passengershaming after it was uploaded by passenger Amy Christine, who spotted the awful sight during her journey.

The footage shows Amy with her hand over her mouth in disgust as she sits in her plane seat.

The camera then pans around and shows a bare foot resting on her left-hand armrest.

To make matters worse, it's not just perching on the end of the armrest - it is completely encroaching into her personal space.

The heel of the foot is right next to her elbow while the bare toes stick up in the air next to her seat.

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