Mary the Punk and Lofty return to Walford for touching #EastEnders reunion

Now, viewers can get a preview of the BBC characters as they make their way back home.

Walford legend Dr Legg (played by Leonard Fenton) will die later on this week but his passing makes way for the return of two other original characters.

As EastEnders fans will know, George “Lofty” Holloway (Tom Watt) and Mary “The Punk” Smith (Linda Davidson) are making their way back for his funeral.

In the scenes set to air next week, the duo are reunited with some of the Square’s old faces.

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New pictures show Mary and Lofty with EastEnders stalwarts Dot Cotton (June Brown) and Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) as the group gather in the Queen Vic to reminisce about the doctor.

Mary will also have her daughter Annie (Marilyn O'Brien) in tow who was just a tot when she was last on the programme.

Dr Legg returned last year as he broke the sad news to Dot that he had terminal pancreatic cancer.

On Thursday of this week, the medic ends up back in hospital and Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) lets Dot know that’s where he wants to see out his last days.

However, Dot wants the doctor back at her house and tries to recruit Stuart Highway (Ricky champ) to help change his mind.

He does return on Friday, where he shows Sonia a treasured medallion

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