‘James O’Brien you MUPPET!’ Angry Brexiteer HANGS UP on LBC host after ...

A furious Brexiteer ended a heated debate with LBC host James O’Brien by calling him “a muppet” as the pair clashed over no deal Brexit and the now-scrapped Seaborne Freight deal. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s decision to award Seaborne Freight a contract worth £13.8m was received with heavy criticism. Seaborne Freight won the contract to that specified the company was to operate a freight service between Ramsgate and Ostend in the event of a no-deal Brexit, despite not having any boats and no experience running a ferry service.

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The department has since cancelled the contract however after Arklow shipping, an Irish firm that had backed the company, stepped away from the deal.

The LBC host introduced the caller as Jeffrey who began by insisting that the UK had taken a vote and decided to leave the EU and shouldn't be afraid of a no deal Brexit.

He continued: “The vote was to leave the EU, not to provide thousands of ships just because people like you think there is going to be Armageddon when we leave the EU.

“Chris Grayling did the deal because any prudent and proper government, whether it be Labour or Conservative, whoever

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