Kate Madikane RETURN set for major twist on #TheArchers as fans rejoice #BBC

Kate (played by Perdita Avery) is known for dipping in and out of The Archers’ town Ambridge like a whirlwind in recent months.

The character - Jenny and Brian Aldridge’s daughter - returned from South Africa last year to break the news to her parents she had had an affair in her marriage to husband Lucas Madikane.

But after another bout of drama the blonde bombshell left the BBC programme once again.

Tonight’s instalment saw Brian (Charles Collingwood) reveal the news his wayward daughter was set to grace the muddy streets tomorrow, and fans were elated.

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“What’s happened, is something wrong?” Adam Macy (Andrew Wincott) asked, hearing Brian’s worried tone to his wife Jenny (Angela Piper) on the phone.

“Sounds that way,” Kirsty said uneasily.

“Everything ok Brian?” Adam persisted, and his step-father dropped the bombshell.

“Hardly, it’s Kate,” a weary Brian replied. “She’s flying back tomorrow.”

Taking to Twitter, listeners shared their thoughts on the twist.

One person wrote: “Yes!! Kate!! I

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