@BorisJohnson REJECTS Corbyn's 'TOXIC' soft Brexit demand - 'It's called being ...

During a speech at the Henry Jackson Society, the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson rejected the idea that Prime Minister Theresa May should consider Jeremy Corbyn’s “toxic” Brexit proposal. The Tory Brexiteer insisted that Mr Corbyn’s plan would force the UK to remain in the single market and customs union, not unlike remaining in the European Union. During his speech, Mr Johnson said: “I don’t think there is any mileage for Theresa May or the Government in trying to a do a deal with Labour.

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Labour will try to do a deal that is toxic and disastrous for the Tory party

Boris Johnson

“Labour will just try to trap Theresa May.

“They will just try to do a deal that is toxic and has disastrous effects for the Conservative Party.

“Worse still, of course, Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal would keep us locked in the customs union and locked into the single market forever.

“Therefore Brexit, the promise that was made to the British people of coming out of the EU institutions would be broken.

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson shot down Jeremy Corbyn's soft

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