'Britain's ARMY face HELL having to FIGHT for foreign flag!' Brexiteer fires ...

British MEP Mike Hookem hijacked the hell imagery Mr Tusk adopted to jibe pro-Brexit politicians as he laid into the European Union in their home turf. The European Council president last week suggested Brexiteers without a plan would be reserved a "special place in hell" but Mr Hookem suggested many EU citizens already felt in hell because of the policies the bloc adopts. Addressing fellow euro parliamentarians in Brussels, the Ukip politician said: "While Donald Tusk may be praying for a special hell for Brexiteers, what he refuses to realise is many in the EU are already there.

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"What form of hell can be worse than watching the descendants of our wartime enemies seize control of our economy, culture, laws, rights and employment? What special Hell sees democracy ignored in the face of profit?

"Is Tusk’s special hell like that of British fisheries? Forced to watch while EU trawlers rape UK waters? Or that of redundant British workers after the EU paid for their job to move to another country? And what hell must it be for Britain’s own forces who face having to fight for a foreign flag?"

Mr Hookem warned Brussels citizens across the bloc will continue to fight attempts to silence their dissent as they go "through their own special hell.

He continued: "The fact is many Europeans already live by Churchill’s mantra, ‘when you’re going through hell.’

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Brexit news - Donald Tusk and Mike HookemBrexit news: Mr Hookem warned Brussels dissenters will "not be silenced" (Image: GETTY•EUROPARL TV)

"That is why Brexiteers, Yellow Jackets, the Catalonian movement, and Italian, Polish and Hungarian nationalists will never be silenced. All are simply going through their own special hell."

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