Virgin Radio host Chris Evans makes huge revelation -'It changed my life'

Chris Evans has sung Wim Hof’s praises after trying one of the Guinness World Record holder’s bizarre routines following an interview with the extreme sport athlete. The 52-year-old presenter revealed how taking cold showers “changed his life” on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show earlier this week. He said dousing himself in cold water for 15 seconds helped with his breathing and has benefited those around him too. Of the experience, he explained: “So you’re in the shower and you think, ‘OK I’m gonna start turning it down to 0 temperature wise in 3, 2, 1.’

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It's honestly changed my life

Chris Evans

“Then you turn it down to 0, but of course it takes a while for the water to go cold, so it’s like this dreaded tension.”

Speaking to his co-star Vassos Alexander, he continued: “So already your adrenaline is going through the roof.

“Then it goes cold and you think, ‘Oh this is freezing but it’s not gone as cold as it’s gonna go.

“And then it goes colder and colder. I never realised showers could go this cold and then you think this has probably bottomed out now.”

Describing the process in detail, he added: “Then you start your counting, which is your 1, 2, 3, 4 up to 15 seconds.”

Sharing why he believes the procedure worked wonders for him, he spilled how the shock of the cold temperature enabled him to breathe deeply.

Chris Evans: The 52-year-old admitted to taking cold showers in the morning and at nightChris Evans: The 52-year-old admitted to

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