Inca BOMBSHELL: Shock claim ancient civilisation may have been 'in contact with ...

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Like the ancient Egyptians, the Incas left behind some extremely puzzling trinkets. Some of the most unusual are arguably the so-called “ancient aeroplanes”, which are small golden figurines that closely resemble modern jet planes. 2016 Amazon Prime documentary “Aliens in Egypt” reveals that they were originally thought to be zoomorphic, meaning they represent animal forms or gods of animal form.

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However, in the 20th century, the statues were soon found to have features that looked very much like fighter plane wings, stabilising tails and even landing gear. 

The documentary's narrator notes: “They were aerodynamic enough that when ancient astronaut believers made model planes with their proportions and fitted them with propellers and jet engines, they flew perfectly."

In 1994, German

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