Always pack this one thing in your plane hand luggage just in case

flights hand luggage clothing cabin baggage packing holidaysFlights: Hand luggage should always include this one thing just in case (Image: Getty Images)

Flights tend to go smoothly but sometimes hiccups can prove highly frustrating for passengers. For instance, your hold luggage could get lost en route to your destination or your flight could be cancelled or delayed. In these unfortunate scenarios, canny planning ahead could prove incredibly useful. There’s one thing you should always try to pack in your hand luggage.

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Flights: Hand luggage should always include this one thing just in case

It’s a very good idea to pack an extra set of clothes in your hand luggage.

The spare outfit could prove hugely useful if your journey ends up disrupted.

According to travel site Momondo: “If you have the extra space in your carry-on, it’s always a good idea to throw in a clean set of underwear and an extra change of clothes, in case your luggage gets lost, or your flight is delayed and you have to spend the night at the airport or a nearby hotel.”

If passengers fear that an extra outfit might take up space - there’s a clever packing hack that will help.

Bag company Trakkle has revealed the top trick in a Youtube video which explains how best to go about this packing method. 

It is called the ‘overnight burrito’ as it sees the traveller tightly packing enough stuff needed for one night in a nifty burrito

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