Microsoft AI FEARS: CEO warns against privacy ‘PROBLEMS’ of facial recognition

Mr Nadella, who has been shifting Microsoft’s focus to cloud computing recently, said he would welcome tighter regulations on artificial intelligence. The 51-year-old praised GDPR, the European regulation on data protection and privacy that came into force last year. However, he said something similar needs to come in to play in the growing field of facial recognition.

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He said in a talk at Davos on February 27: ”My own point of view is that it's [GDPR] a fantastic start in treating privacy as a human right. 

“I hope that in the United States we do something similar and that the world converges on a common standard.

“Facial recognition is a piece of technology that's going to be democratised, that's going to be prevalent.”

Mr Nadella went on to explain, while facial recognition is really useful, there are still some concerns should it get into the wrong hands.

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