#GameOfThronesSeason8 almost had a HUGE cameo twist in the final season ...

Game of Thrones will almost certainly finish its eighth season on air with a number of brutal deaths, before the final king or queen is revealed.

And as the battle for the Iron Throne rages on between Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), many of the show’s beloved characters are no doubt going to be either killed off or removed from the show.

Despite a number of the show’s characters becoming destined to leave their journey behind, viewers could be set to see another set of cameos in the coming episodes.

However it has been revealed that George RR Martin will not be involved in the upcoming cameos.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, George spoke about his journey on the show, and whether viewers will see a cameo from the creator.

He revealed: “David and Dan invited me to a cameo in one of the final episodes, which I was tempted to do.”

However he went on to explain: “But I didn’t think just for the sake of a cameo I could take the time to return to Belfast.”

This isn’t the first time George attempted to have a cameo in the show, as the show’s original pilot saw George step foot into the show.

George said: “I was a guest at Dany’s , but that was when she was

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