Army recruitment deal is 'a £677million flop'

armyInitial Army predictions said the contract would save it £267million over 10 years (Image: Getty Images)

The use of outsourcing giant Capita to boost the number of soldiers has "failed dismally" and soared in cost by nearly £200million, they said in a report. It called the deal "naive" and "overly complex" and said that since the contract began in 2012, Capita has missed every recruitment target, leaving the Army under strength. The firm is not expected to meet its targets until 2022, said the all-party Public Accounts Committee.

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Yet the Army may not be able to avoid Capita "charging excessively" for the continued use of its online recruitment system after the contract then ends.

The report said: "Capita's performance has been abysmal since it started - an unacceptable level of service delivery."

Initial Army predictions said the contract would save it £267million over 10 years.

That hope has now been reduced to £180million but even so is "overly optimistic and unrealistic", the MPs

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