Furious Labour voter GRILLS Tom Watson - ‘ You're KILLING the Labour party ...

An angry LBC caller criticised Labour MP Tom Watson on how he and other Labour MPs have been dealing with the anti-Semitic issue within the party. The caller, introduced as Lee from Swindon, accused the MP of being to blame. He accused the senior politician of making a bigger deal of the crisis in the Labour Party than it was in reality.

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People like yourself, all you do is spend your time killing the Labour party from within

LBC caller Lee

He said: “Do you know what Tom, you are to blame.

“Where is your firepower, where are you aiming it at the moment?”

The Labour MP responded that he was aiming it at Chris Grayling to which the caller told the LBC host he was wrong.

The caller continued: “You spend all your time on social media in your little political party groups flaming the Labour party.

“You are right now sitting on a revolution that could transform this country for the better.

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom WatsonA furious caller criticised

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