#NASA warn COLOSSAL asteroid will skim Earth this FRIDAY

US space agency NASA has confirmed the asteroid, named 2019 DN, is classified as a Near Earth Object (NEO). NASA’s cutting-edge asteroid-tracking tech anticipates the space rock will skim Earth on Friday, March 8. And NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers calculated the closest approach will occur at 4.19pm GMT (11.19am ET).

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The asteroid, measuring 656ft (200m) in diameter, will be barrelling through space at 16,000mph.

We are potentially missing a hundred thousand killer asteroids

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But there is no need to panic, as the asteroid will safely pass Earth’’s orbit come Friday.

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The 2019 DN asteroid will in fact be more than 10 times farther away than the moon, meaning this is definitely not a doomsday situation.

In fact, 2019 DN will not even be the biggest asteroid on NASA’s radar this month.

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NASA asteroid 2019 DN Near Earth ObjectNASA asteroid warning: 2019 DN will skim Earth on Friday (Image: Getty)

NASA asteroid 2019 DNAsteroid 2019 DN: The space rock is travelling at 16,000mph (Image: Getty)

That honour belongs to asteroid 2019 CD5, calculated by NASA to measure 750ft 230m in diameter.

The huge space rock 2019 CD5 will make its closet approach with Earth

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