Avengers Endgame producer Kevin Feige defends Captain Marvel pager PLOT HOLE


During Avengers Infinity War’s end credits scene, Nick Fury managed to use his 1990s pager to contact Captain Marvel before turning to dust. Now Captain Marvel has been released fans have discovered how Nick Fury ended up with the device, which Carol Danvers upgraded for him at the end of the 1995 set movie. Before heading off back into space, she told him if he ever needed her help again, then he could contact her with it.

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And in the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene we see the survivors at Avengers HQ had somehow acquired it and hoped someone would get the signal before Carol suddenly appears in front of them asking for the whereabouts of Nick Fury.

Fans have since pointed out that it seems very odd that even though the Earth has been in peril many times over the last 24 years, Fury didn’t contact her.

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