Question Time audience STUN BBC host when asked about second referendum – 'Oh ...

BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce was stunned after she asked the audience to raise their hands if they were in favour of another Brexit vote. A number of audience members sharply raised their hands promoting the host to say: “Oh my gosh”. She said: “You have all been sitting on your hands”.

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This week’s BBC Question Time was held in London which generally voted to Remain in the European Union in the EU referendum.

The comment from the host followed an audience member insisting the UK could not have another say on leaving the EU.

The BBC Question Time audience member said: “Why would people trust a second referendum when the result of the first one was honoured?”

On Thursday MPs voted against an amendment which called for the final Brexit deal to go back to the British people for another say.

BBC Question Time audience and Fiona BruceBBC Question Time audience were asked to raise their hands if they backed another Brexit vote (Image: BBC)

Oh my gosh

BBC host Fiona Bruce

The attempt tabled by the Independent Group to secure a second referendum on Brexit was rejected by 334 votes to 85.

And MPs voted, by the far narrower margin of 314-312, to reject a cross-party bid for Parliament to seize control of the Brexit process.

But, a motion in Mrs May's name, authorising the Prime Minister to request an extension to the two-year Article 50

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