Five in danger as fans spot WORRYING Dolores clue - did you spot it? ...

Eagle-eyed The Umbrella Academy viewers noticed that as Five went to say goodbye to her, Dolores appeared to move in a way that ordinary mannequins just do not. 

The relationship has so far be seen as charming and cute, but could this new development suggest there is something more than meets the eye which could put innocent Five’s life in danger?

The Umbrella Academy fans are certainly mystified as to what is going, with one Twitter user saying: “I have a theory. What if Dolores is actually a real person stuck in a mannequin and Five is the only one she can actually talk to??”

It really would not be beyond the realms of possibly for this to happen on a show that has shocked and gripped fans since its release last month. 

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Five actor Aidan Gallagher has previously admitted he would love for Dolores to start speaking and develop the relationship between the two. 

He told Entertainment Weekly: “It was definitely one of the things I looked forward to because I had a feeling they might expand on it, and I wanted to play around with how his trauma would affect the relationship between the two of them.

“I would make dialogue for her. He would be having a real interaction with her, a real conversation, and for that he needs a real character.

“So Five is playing the part of Dolores. That is a fun dynamic that I was definitely looking forward to shooting.” 

Is he hinting that Dolores will come to life in order to

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