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David (played by Jack P Shepherd) has already promised to keep Nick’s (Ben Price) secret that he scammed their grandmother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) out of £80,000 from her life savings, with the brothers deciding to launch a new barbers on Coronation Street as a compromise.

Nick believed with David on side his secret was safe, but he was rocked to the core when his accomplice in defrauding the Weatherfield pensioner, Natalie (Cassie Bradley) returned to the cobbles this week, demanding more money from the conman to buy her silence.

With nothing left from the money he stole, having paid for his divorce from ex-wife Elsa (Kelly Harrison), Nick was left in turmoil of how he was going to pay Natalie and ensure she stayed away from his family for good.

However, the Underworld boss was given an incentive by his brother on how to come up with the cash when David innocently mentioned an insurance payout from the knicker factory, which may have sealed Nick’s fate as the new super villain of the ITV soap.

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Technically you are a criminal

David Platt

Earlier in tonight’s hour long edition of Coronation Street, Nick learnt his business partner Carla Connor (Alison King) was planning to outsource production away from Weatherfield as the factory roof was in need of extensive repairs, which would not make it sustainable for the knicker stitchers to work in.

Trying to keep her plan a secret from Nick, the Underworld co-owner got his own back on his business partner when he told the factory workers Carla’s plans, before she confronted him telling Nick she never wanted him involved with the factory.

With Carla’s words rising in his ears, Nick was clearly distracted when David ployed with his concerns over Natalie and how she could crumble their new business venture before it’s had chance to get off the floor.

“She’s the least of my worries,” Nick told his brother, to which David replied: “She might not be, but if she blabs and we get arrested,” with his barber shop co-owner jumping in to reassure his brother: “I’ll sort out this stuff with Carla and the factory, I’ve got a lot of money tied up there.”

David replied: “Maybe get under some money and pay Natalie off,” to which Nick surmised: “It would be easier if the factory just burnt down or something, at least we’d get a payout,” but his brother looked less than enthusiastic about Nick’s wishful thinking.

“Are you suggesting

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