#TheWalkingDead's Michonne saw a scene change at the last minute - here's why

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The Walking Dead fans were ecstatic over the weekend as they were shown brand new scenes which included Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) and some of her new backstory.

Viewers were shown the brutal story of how she got her scars, and the tough journey she was forced through after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) disappeared.

Shortly after Rick left, Michonne could be seen pregnant in a flashback, venturing into the apocalyptic wastelands.

She soon stumbles upon a number of children who are attempting to attack her, and injure her unborn baby by slashing at her stomach.

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Eventually Michonne is forced to do what she was trying to avoid, and ends up killing all of the feral children who were trying to cut her.

Although the show’s narrative came to a natural conclusion, the episode’s director Millicent Shelton recently revealed it wasn’t always filmed in that manner.

Speaking to Insider, she explained: “The scene went through several different versions.

“And one of the most important things that all of us wanted to make clear was that Michonne does not want to take out these kids - we desperately wanted to make sure that that was clear.”

The director went on to add: “The more that we thought about it, the more we said: ‘These kids have to be feral.

“‘They have to keep coming at it, they have to be the ones that aren't letting her off the hook.’”

The Walking Dead season 9 michonne danai guriraThe Walking Dead season 9: Michonne had a tough

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