NASA says NO to first all-female space walk - chooses MAN instead

NASA astronaut Christina Hammock KochNASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch (Image: GETTY)

This was in part due to the fact the space agency doesn’t have enough space suits that fit the astronauts. Early this month, NASA announced that Christina Koch and Anne McClain would take part in a first of its kind mission on March 29. In the past, missions have been an all-male affair, with ground crew and astronauts being predominantly male.

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Christina Koch and Anne McClain were to make history at the International Space Station on March 29 by being the first women to carry out a spacewalk and to be given instruction by an all-female ground team.

The two female astronauts were to swap out batteries on the outside of the International Space Station.

But now, NASA has decided that astronaut Nick Hague will take Ms McClain’s place.

In a press release on Monday, NASA

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