BREXIT BETRAYAL: Almost 20 MEPs in Leave-voting areas campaigning for second ...

NigelAt least 19 MEPs have pushed for a so-called People’s Vote (Image: GETTY)

At least 19 MEPs have pushed for a so-called People’s Vote. These members join nine other MEPs from Remain areas who also support a second vote. Overall, 28 politicians out of the 73 British seats in Brussels and Strasbourg, the Telegraph reported.

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Nigel Farage former Ukip leader told the Telegraph: “This shows a chasm of disconnect between self-absorbed Remainer politicians and the people they fail to represent.”

He added the MEPs has weakened the UK’s hand during Brexit negotiations.

He said they gave hope “to those who despise the biggest democratic vote in British history”.

MEPs from Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green have publicly supported a people’s vote.

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farageFour Tory MEPs chose to campaign for the UK to

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