Can Britons apply for an Irish passport amid #Brexit chaos? Figures are RISING ...

Can Britons apply for an Irish passport amid Brexit uncertainty?

Some Britons will be entitled to an Irish passport if their parents or grandparents were born in Ireland.

Those who are entitled to the passport from Ireland – which remains a member of the European Union regardless of the UK’s Brexit deal – will retain visa free travel benefits.

Therefore, for those eager to ensure travel security, it is proving an attractive option, with Ireland’s Department of foreign affairs reporting 46,000 applications from Britain in 2015, and 81,000 in 2017, amid the ongoing exit negotiations.

It is legal for Britons to posses two passports.

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What is the current situation with passports amid Brexit chaos?

On Friday, MPs in the House of Commons voted down Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement for the third time.

The latest Meaningful Vote defeat, which came after eight indicative votes on the future of Brexit were also turned down, prolongs the UK’s Brexit chaos.

It is unclear what the next stage of political deliberations will be, and how they will affect travel and passports, yet they may include a second round of indicative votes today.

However, earlier this week the government confirmed Britons need a three month period on their passport after the date of travel in order for it to be valid.

Passports: Are Britons eligible for an Irish passport?Passports: Are Britons eligible for an Irish passport? (Image: Getty)

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