How your bills could rise by £6.2k as of TODAY thanks to new tax year hikes

Britons will be affected by a number of new tax year price rises today.

April 1 brings in a new tax year, and with it an increase in prices for many Britons.

Higher prices will not be welcome news to many in the UK.

Increases in council tax, car tax and other bills are on the way. Which of your bills are increasing?

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Tax price rises: Bills could rise by £6.2k a year this April

Council tax

Council tax bills in the UK are rising by 4.7 per cent. That’s an extra £78 for the average house hold.

Those who live alone or with a student get a 25 per cent discount, so don’t forget to apply if this is you.

Proposed probate fee hike

This is potentially one of the biggest increase in fees for those with large estates.

Probate fees are charged to families who need to prove their deceased loved one’s will is a legal document before having it carried out. Those with an estate worth £2 million will now have to pay a huge £6,000 for this process.

However, those who have an estate less than £50,000 will now pay nothing, previously having to pay out £215.

So this new model could increase or decrease the amount you pay, depending on the value of your estate.

Mobile network bills

Mobile phone contracts are being increased, major suppliers have announced. But how much more you will pay depends who you are with currently.

EE customers will pay the most with a 2.7 per cent increase. Three and O2 customers will pay 2.5 per cent.

Car tax

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) car tax could increase by up to £65 as of 6 April. Those whose cars are the most polluting will pay the highest sum/

However, most will only pay an

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