MPs hold SECOND round of #Brexit votes today (but don’t hold your breath)

Brexit newsBrexit news: Theresa May is under pressure after her deal was defeated for the third time (Image: GETTY )

And still, few experts believe an acceptable way forward will be found. The divided Commons will this afternoon start fresh debates ahead of tonight’s second round of “indicative” votes on a series of rival proposals tabled by backbenchers to see if any can command a majority to break the deadlock. The move comes as Mrs May’s Government is on the verge of meltdown while she struggles to contain the rising tensions with her Cabinet as the clock counts down to the latest EU deadline on April 12.

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Despite seeing her deal again defeated on Friday, March 29 - the day Britain was due to unshackle itself from the EU - the Prime Minister is determined to bring it back to the Commons for a fourth time, possibly as early as Tuesday, in a final roll of the dice to get it over the line.

Theresa May spent the weekend trying to build support among MPs who could be won over, with aides saying she was “100 percent focused” on pushing through the result she needed.

Some in Parliament believe that if MPs begin to coalesce around a “softer” Brexit in Monday’s votes, it may finally convince Brexiteer hold-outs that the Tory leader’s deal now represents the “hardest” break with the EU available.

Pro-EU Justice Secretary David Gauke warned Mrs May not to ignore the will of Parliament if it does swing behind a “softer” deal such as the customs union plan proposed by Tory veteran Ken Clarke, which came closest to gaining a majority in the first round of indicative votes.

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brexit latest newsBrexit latest news: The nation has been left divided over May's Brexit deal (Image: GETTY )

And in an interview with the BBC, Tory chief whip Julian Smith said that the Parliamentary arithmetic means a “softer type of

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