Afterlife BREAKTHROUGH: Why scientist claimed 'soul DOES live on after death'

Life after death is the belief that the essential part of a human’s identity continues even after the body dies. There are many different theories as to how the afterlife may play out, with different religions having their own ideas on whether it is a spiritual realm or through reincarnation. Either way, UK scientist Dr Sam Parnia believes human consciousness does live on after we die.

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He revealed during Morgan Freeman’s show “The story of God” how he studied more than 100 cases of cardiac arrest survivors. 

These are patients who technically died and came back to life, and Dr Parnia revealed how a large percentage had bizarre experiences when they did.

He said in 2017: “We know that actually for thousands of years, people who have come close to death for any reason have had these very profound, deep and in some ways mystical experiences. 

“People feel an immense sense of peace, comfort and joy when they go through death. 

Dr Sam ParniaDr Sam Parnia believes life after death is possible (Image: )

Dr Sam Parnia and Morgan FreemanDr Sam Parnia spoke to Morgan Freeman (Image: )

The evidence we have is that when a person dies, that part that makes us who we are – the soul or mind, or whatever you call it – it does not become

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