#TheWalkingDead SPOILERS: Who was on the radio at the end of #TWD season 9 ...

The Walking Dead season nine finale left a number of unanswered questions up in the air, including who was on the radio in the very last scene. AMC viewers in the USA heard a mystery voice speak over one of the community’s radios, but the identity of the person speaking wasn’t revealed. However, there are plenty of clues to suggest who the person speaking on the radio in The Walking Dead season nine finale could be.

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Who was on the radio at the end of The Walking Dead season 9?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season 9.

The Walking Dead viewers were left stunned to hear an unknown voice make contact with the communities in the season nine finale.

AMC aired episode 16 in the USA on Sunday, March 31, while fans in the UK will have to wait until Monday, April 1 to watch the finale on FOX UK.

As the episode drew to close, a scene in the final moments showed a crackling voice heard over a radio.

While it wasn’t revealed on-screen whose voice it was, The Walking Dead comics provide plenty of hints as to who it could be.

The voice on the radio is widely thought to belong to a member of the Commonwealth, a vast community located in Ohio.


The Walking Dead season 9 finale: DarylThe Walking Dead season 9 finale: Daryl (Image: AMC)

The Walking Dead executive producer Denise Huth hinted that the radio would draw from a storyline in the comics in an interview with Digital Spy.

Huth said: “Fans of the comics probably know that that is a storyline directly from the comics.

“There is a big story with the radio. I like how we have chosen to introduce it.

“We introduced it way

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