THIS is how much Tim Burton's remake of the classic Dumbo has made at the box ...

Tim Burton is known for his particular brand of filmmaking. With Dumbo, a film about an elephant with huge ears which allow him to fly, Burton seemed like an apt choice for a remake. However, the movie has not performed as well as expected.

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How much did Dumbo make at the box office?

Dumbo made £34.5 million ($45m) over its North American opening weekend.

This was short of its projected box office takings of £38.1m ($50m), with some industry experts predicting an even greater £45.8m ($60m).

The film opened in 4,259 cinemas and reportedly cost £129m ($170m) to make - but Dumbo's international debut clocked in at £54m ($71m).

In total, Dumbo has made £88m ($116m) globally which means Disney is on its way to recouping its budget.

DumboDumbo: The remake has made it to number one despite poor profits (Image: Disney)

However, it also means the movie has to make a lot of money in the international market if it wants to do so.

Despite the relative panning from critics, Dumbo did manage to scrape first place at the box office.

Dumbo did outperform other Disney remakes like Christopher Robin and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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