Cruise ship officer lets slip surprising lifestyle on-board #Cruise #Travel

Cruise ship staff lead a “dream” lifestyle on board, akin to that of a “traditional English gentleman”. This could last for a series of weeks, or perhaps just days, depending on the length of the trip and the distance of the destinations. That’s according to a former cruise ship worker, who has detailed his experiences in his new book, Cruise Ship SOS. Many cruise ship passengers know all too well how their trip allows them to enjoy the polished, lavish side of life in a host of restaurants with formal dress codes or particular evening entertainment.

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Yet until now, the crew’s enjoyment of ship life has remained relatively hidden.

Former cruise ship doctor Ben MacFarlane detailed a conversation with a cruise ship co-worker and told how his friend quizzed him on the benefits of cruise life, and said: “You want a better perk?

“How about the chance to live like a traditional English gentleman for four months? You need your clothes washing?

“Leave them on your cabin floor and they’ll be take away and cleaned before you’ve said ‘Chinese Laundry’.

“Your cabin will be cleaned and tidied every day and your steward will bring you tea or coffee or whatever you want for breakfast in the

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