Jean-Claude Juncker believes he could have swung the referendum to Remain

The European Commission President revealed the Tory Prime Minister banned him from the stump due to the unpopularity of the EU in the UK. He said: "If we had taken part in the campaign we could have asked a lot of questions and answered a lot of questions which are only being asked now. "We can’t love each other if we don’t know each other. Except for Great Britain, they had other things to do than to talk to citizens. By the way, they also forbade us to appear in person in Great Britain.

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A sphinx is an open book when compared to the British parliament

Jean-Claude Juncker

“Mr Cameron, who belongs to the biggest destroyers in the modern era, said the commission is even less popular in Great Britain than in other member states, which is quite a task to be less popular in GB than elsewhere. 

“We are experiencing yet another Brexit day today, the fourth vote, if I counted correctly and nobody knows what to do. We now know what the British government does not want but we still don’t know what they do want. 

“A sphinx is

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