#Pointless host Richard Osman embroiled in Twitter spat 'Never say anything'

Richard Osman, 48, took to Twitter to announce he was “very proud” of the gender pay gap figures delivered by Endemol Shine UK before he responded to a social media user who questioned “Shouldn’t it be equal?” In view of his 774,000 followers, he wrote: “Very proud once again of the gender pay gap figures just announced by @endemolshineuk. “56% female workforce, all the way to the top of the company. Women paid 2.49% more than men last year. That’s the way we’ve always worked. Also worth noting, it’s incredibly profitable.” A social media user took to the micro-blogging site to respond to the tweet and wrote: “If those figures were the other way around, would he [Richard] have tweeted them with such gusto?”

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The Pointless host swiftly responded, saying: “If they were the other way around they would still be better than virtually every other major organisation in the UK. Last year the figures were dead level and I tweeted with gusto then too.”

However, the Twitter user appeared to question the TV whizz again as he suggested Richard was not answering their question.

The social media user said: “That's not what I asked Richard, if you had more men than women on the payroll, and you paid men more (regardless of the percentage) would you put out a celebratory tweet?”

To which Richard replied: “Just say ‘well done, that’s refreshing, I hope other organisations can learn some lessons from the way your company have achieved an unrivalled gender balance’."

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