Icelandic polar plume to PLUNGE temperatures below freezing THIS WEEK #snow

Mercury could drop as low as -5C amid a 700-mile wide “polar plume” sweeping across the UK from Iceland this week. The colder temperatures are likely to lead to wintry showers in Birmingham, Manchester, Inverness and Belfast. Snow could even fall in Plymouth and Southampton on Wednesday, as the freezing air will make temperatures below freezing.

READ MORE: Snow and thunderstorms to strike Britain as temperatures PLUMMET

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Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill said to the Sun: “British Summer Time is starting - but no-one told the weather.

“Markedly lower temperatures than recently will be seen from Mother's Day, with cold air from Iceland and Greenland.

“Snow and sleet are expected on higher ground in Scotland from Monday.

“Windy conditions in general continue with Wednesday onwards seeing the strongest winds with gusts of 50mph or stronger on North-West and North-East coasts.

UK weather forecast:UK weather forecast: More snow has been forecast for parts of the UK (Image: EXPRESS)

“But towards Easter sees indications of brighter conditions and temperatures going above normal.”

The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the next few weeks has revealed the weather around the UK will be unsettled.

The forecast said: "It will be mostly settled at first, with temperatures recovering to near normal, although some showers will continue in

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