Desperate Remainers flash mirror SOS to Brussels in last-ditch attempt to END ...

Aerial footage from Saltdean, Brighton captured protestors lining up over a cliff to launch a "symbolic SOS call" against Brexit. More than 400 people came together on the south coast of England to ask for the help of the European Union with mirrors to flash their distress call across the Channel. Artist Duncan McKellar set up the anti-Brexit stunt with the help of several volunteers who pitched up their mirrors around midday on Monday.

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Mr McKellar acted with the permission of the local coastguard branch. The British artist last year organised a similar protest with volunteers standing at the US-Mexico border wearing mirror masks. 

The footage was shared on social media where the lineup sparked a hilarious response from the British public.

One social media user said: "Makes a change. Those SOS messages have more traditionally come in the opposite direction."

Another also cited historical events to suggest the protestors will not receive support from Brussels: "If they know anything about history they will be waiting a very long time to be rescued by Europe. On the other hand when Europe came calling..."

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Brexit news - Protestons on Brigthon CliffsBrexit news: Remainers stood together to launch a (Image: SWNS)

Another took a dig at the French specifically, commenting: "Apparently the French mistook it for gunfire and surrendered."

As emotions continue to run high among

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