The Government has said it will not revoke Article 50

Remainers said the Leave campaign has been "hijacked" for "dangerous ends" as they debated a petition, which has amassed more than six million signatures, calling for Article 50 to be revoked. Despite the huge public support only a handful of MPs, largely Remainers, appeared at the parliamentary debate. Two other petitions were debated in the Westminster Hall chamber.

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One, demanding a new referendum, has over 180,000 signatures. The other, urging MPs to "honour the referendum result", has more than 170,000.

The Government has said it will not revoke Article 50 and it is working to deliver a deal that "ensures the UK leaves the EU".

Article 50 is the legal mechanism through which Brexit is taking place - and revoking it would therefore keep the UK in the EU.

Opening the debate Labour MP Catherine McKinnell said that while many had voted for Brexit for "legitimate" reasons, the movement had been taken over by other groups.

Ms McKinnell spoke about the Remain march last month when people called for the Withdrawal Agreement to be put back to the British public. She said a people's vote is the "only democratic way" out of the current situation.

"It contrasted with some of the really ugly, angry, threatening, sinister behaviour we saw outside Parliament on Friday by people who have clearly hijacked the Brexit campaign for much more dangerous ends.

"These were the people that were professing to be the spokespeople for the Leave campaign here on the streets of London.

mayBritish Prime Minister Theresa May (Image: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

"But we have run out of road here in Parliament. We can not continue going round in ever-decreasing circles while the international standing of our country diminishes further by the day."

Tory MP John

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