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Triple Frontier is a movie unsure of what it wants to do or say, and as such does nothing and says nothing. Of course, at its core all any movie has to do is entertain. But despite the best efforts of its immeasurably talented cast, Triple Frontier is a slog to get through and feels more of a task than an enjoyable watch.

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Triple Frontier is framed as a seemingly anti-establishment tale, a story of disenfranchised soldiers who have sacrificed so much only to come home to a country which can't, or won't, care for them.

The characters' names are almost inconsequential - they are each poster-boys for different types of disillusionment and the consequences of PTSD.

Charlie Hunnam's William "Ironhead" Miller gives pep talks to incoming soldiers, Pedro Pascal's Francisco "Catfish" Morales does drugs, Garrett Hedlund's Ben Miller takes to the boxing ring.

Ben Affleck's Tom "Redfly" Davis is seemingly the worst off - he has a divorce under his belt and a teenage daughter he can't afford to send to college; bills are mounting and his day job as a real estate agent is not paying off.

Triple FrontierTriple Frontier: Even an A-List cast couldn't save this flop from itself (Image: )

Triple Frontier wants to be an intimate look at the mental and emotional toll of warfare on men but instead, it leans heavily into the misconception that the only way a man should manage his emotions - whether frustration, depression, or disenchantment - is with a gun.

Redfly says it plainly: "Only thing that made it feel better is when you put a gun in my hand. So I guess

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