#TheOneShow host Matt Baker red-faced after Paddy McGuinness makes innuendo - ...

Matt, 41, and Alex, 41, were joined by new Top Gear host Paddy, 45, on The One Show to discuss his new BBC quiz show Watchpoint, which premiered on Saturday.

As today marks April Fools Day, the presenters decided to quiz the audience about some of the pranks they had fallen for throughout the day, as well as those they had inflicted themselves.

After hearing some of the stories, the pair joined Paddy on the sofa to discuss his recent TV projects including his new game show which sees contestants try to win money by guessing the right answer to a number of questions, but ensuring they catch the ball to win the prize if their answer is correct.

Turning his attention to the quiz show, Alex said: “But you’ve got this new show now on the BBC on Saturday night’s. It’s called Catchpoint and it’s brilliantly simple. How did they pitch it to you because it took two attempts?”

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Moving on quickly

Matt Baker

Paddy explained: “It is so simple because it’s just a case of answering a question and catching a ball. I mean that’s all there is to it.

“But, the thing I liked about it, when I was a kid, I loved watching shows you could watch with your mum an family.

“Even though I do certain shows and comedy things which are a little more risky, my heart is still in family entertainment.

“So, I saw what the questions were because they were on these big screens and it’s kind of like, you don’t exactly need to know the answer as long as you’re in the right area.

“It’s then just a case of catching pink ball or a blue ball,” Paddy remarked, with Alex asking: “But, they get smaller don’t they?” to which the quiz show host replied: “The balls do get smaller Alex, yeah.”

Seemingly seeing where the conversation was going and the innuendo’s beginning to surface, Matt tried to turn the conversation about the show in another direction.

The One Show: Matt Baker red-faced by Paddy McGuinness innuendoThe One Show: ‘Moving

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