How one thing Kate STRUGGLES with will make her perfect Queen – 'Makes her ...

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is poised to one day become Queen of the United Kingdom by the side of her husband and future King, Prince William. But while the royal couple will have years ahead of them before sitting on the throne, as the Duke of Cambridge currently stands as second-in-line after his father Prince Charles, the Duchess has shown she has the "inner strength" to overcome one specific obstacle to a flawless royal career. Commentator Victoria Murphy told Yahoo's Royal Box: "She’s really earned her position and she’s earning it more and more as every day passes.

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"We see that she’s got eight years of royal duties, we see that she has taken up charitable causes.

"She’s made a lot of things look very easy that aren’t easy with the exception of public speaking, which I don’t think comes naturally to her."

Ms Murphy continued: "In a way, for me, that has shown me how good she is at everything else, the fact that she has struggled a little bit there.

"Whenever I’ve met her I have always felt she was really lovely. She is good fun as well, people really enjoy being around her.

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Kate Middleton single shotKate, Duchess of Cambridge has been carrying out royal roles for eight years (Image: GETTY)

"She has quite a lot of inner strength, she is quietly very strong. She is not an extroverted character but she’s a real rock for William in a lot of ways."

Kate has been known to lack confidence when delivering speeches during public engagements across the country.

PR Expert Nick Ede added: "We’ve grown up with her as well. She was the student, girlfriend and then the splits and all those things make her more

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