Priyanka Chopra reveals cute nickname for new husband Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra, 36, posted a video to her YouTube account, If I Could Tell You One Thing, last week where she spoke to three incredible women.

As well as asking the celebrities about their advice, Priyanka did the same as she reflected on her recent nuptials with Nick Jonas, 26.

Ted, her hair stylist, pondered: “I have a question. What does it say on your phone when your phone comes up and Nick calls?”

“Hubby,” Priyanka replied.

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I’m scared of it, I’m scared of it because I don’t have control

Priyanka Chopra

Giggling at her answer, Ted asked “It says hubby?”

Priyanka couldn’t stop laughing after revealing the cute name for her beau.

During the half-an-hour video, Priyanka recalled her videos and admitted she was “scared” at the thought of becoming a wife.

She said: “Everyone was only dancing at this , only dancing.

“It’s scary s**t, man. I in fact, initially felt a little bit more stressed that I’m a wife and I have to do everything right.”

But despite her initial fears, the stunning star said she

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