The chef lost an astonishing stone after following the "dopamine diet" - what ...

From confidence to beating health problems, weight loss transformations are much more than the before and after photos. Rather, these significant weight loss journeys can dramatically change a person’s life. For Tom Kerridge, now 45, he realised he too needed to overhaul his life, having been weighing in at nearly 30 stone, ahead of his 40th birthday. Despite his 6 foot 3 inches stature, this meant that the Michelin-starred chef was considered obese.

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And with the milestone in site, Tom decided that he ought to make a dedicated effort to slim down.

Determined to put his health first, the father-of-one made a bid to ditch his unhealthier habits - which saw him cut alcohol out of his diet altogether.

He also began to follow the “dopamine diet” - a lesser-known slimming plan.

Dopamine is known as the happiness hormone, which is a chemical that’s released from the brain when we experience pleasure.

The hormone is also created by the body after eating amino acid-rich foods.

This includes dairy products, eggs, oily fish, fruit, and vegetables.

Tom Kerridge weight loss: Before and after pictures of chefTom Kerridge weight loss: Before and after pictures of the chef show his weight loss results (Image: GETTY • BBC • OUTLINE PRODUCTIONS • CHARLIE PHILLIPS)

Drinking on diets isn't good – and that's on any diet

Tom Kerridge on his weight loss

Tom also cut down on his intake of

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