Avengers Endgame PLOT tease shared by director Joe Russo #AvengersEndgame

Avengers Infinity War was a very different Marvel movie. If anything it shouldn’t be surprising that Thanos won, since it was his movie from his perspective. Directors The Russo Brothers have spoken before of how his arc followed the hero’s journey. The Mad Titan and Thor shared the most screen time together, meeting at the beginning and end of the movie.

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Of course, if Thor had “gone for the head” it would have been his movie; his hero’s journey.

But what about Avengers Endgame? Well, now Joe Russo says it’s not going to be Thanos’ movie.

According to Cinema Express, the filmmaker told fans in India: “I can't talk about plot [in response to whether characters are done].

“Endgame isn't from Thanos' perspective. That's as much as I can tell you.”


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